Ikenna Nwamba, MD


Who inspires you and why?

I'm inspired by all healthcare entrepreneurs that are building a better experience for healthcare professionals and patients. To create the future of healthcare, we will have to work as a team and nurture a collaborative mindset.

Tell us about your role as a physician executive. 

As a physician executive at Gentem, my goal is to build a physician community where residency and fellowship graduates can connect with experienced private practicing physicians to understand how to be successful in private practice. In addition, I speak with physician owners and practice administrators to learn about their business challenges and gather critical feedback that informs product design and development.

What is Gentem and why was it founded? When and how did you become involved?

Gentem is a software company that uses AI and analytics to help practices get paid more, faster. We created Gentem to eliminate traditional barriers to physician autonomy through private practice ownership. As a founding team member, I have been with Gentem since conception back in April 2019.  

What are your favorite musical artists of all time? Name your top 3.

Michael Jackson, Eminem, Sean Carter

Tell us about Gentem’s recent opportunity post and how physicians can get involved. Tell us why it’s important that physicians get involved in Gentem even though you yourself are a physician.

Private practices from all specialties are facing financial insecurity because of decreased revenues and increased costs sparked by the Covid-19 crisis. It is no longer feasible for most private practices to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to receive payments from insurance companies. At Gentem, we have opened an advance payment program that pays private practices 85% of their claim value instantly and covers both medicare and commercial insurance carriers. We share in the financial risk and handle a portion or all of billing. We're only paid if we collect from insurance companies and our fee is the same or less than what providers are currently paying for billing services.

Tell us one unique fact about yourself.

I'm a first-generation Nigerian. My parents were born in Imo State, Nigeria, and emigrated to the United States in the 1980s to pursue the American Dream.