Physician Entrepreneurs Are Building the Future of Healthcare

Published - Written by Gregory Goodman, MD

My connection to digital health began in medical school when I was involved with a few early stage start-up ventures, and worked on a project to improve in-hospital patient-physician and care team communication.  During this experience I developed my passion for leveraging digital health to improve patient care. For example, wearable devices, sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can be leveraged for real-time and actionable clinical data to drive care at the most appropriate setting.

After graduating medical school, I joined Remedy Partners, The Episode of Care Company. As an Innovation Fellow I was responsible for physician quality performance and clinical technology innovation. I had the opportunity to build Remedy’s initial technology platform for patients and physicians, work on care redesign for bundle payments, and lead the physician quality improvement program.

After spending two years outside of clinical medicine, I decided to go back to residency with the specific purpose of focusing on directly impacting patients and transforming healthcare delivery. I am completing my residency in Internal Medicine and my mission is to deliver excellent care to patients in their home.

Delivering continuous and timely care to patients and families is one of the biggest opportunities in digital health. This involves enhancing the patient-physician relationship through the use of cognitive systems, sensor-based technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Although this space is filled with opportunity, there are also many challenges ahead. These challenges include speed of adoption of healthcare delivery system as well as clinical validation of digital health tools to improve health outcomes.

I believe that collaborating with the best minds will improve care for patients and drive the future of healthcare. The advice I would like to give other physicians interested in getting involved with the digital health landscape is to just do it – the fastest way to learn is to dive in and start learning. Surround yourself with excellent mentors and people who you want to be in 5 to 10 years, identify gaps and partner with people to fill them, and most importantly, don’t use the ‘doctor card.’ Business and entrepreneurship is a journey and takes time to learn. A physician’s clinical perspective is valuable and important but just one of the elements in creating a successful business.

I am passionate about driving the future of healthcare and helping to train the next generation of physician entrepreneurs and innovators. I am launching the Physician Entrepreneur Summit (, an online conference to educate physicians on the business of medicine, the future of healthcare delivery, how to dream big, and make the biggest impact. By joining the summit, physicians can learn from some of the biggest healthcare leaders such as Dr. Win Whitcomb, CMO of Remedy Partners, Dr. Joshua Liu, Founder of SeamlessMD, and Dr. Sachin Jain, CEO of CareMore, and gain the tools to build the future of healthcare.