The Positive Impact Model for Physician Burnout

Published - Written by Samir Shah, MD - Vice President at MedDocLive, Physician, Thought Leader

MedDocLive (MDL) is a company where the sole focus is improving physicians’ adoption, incorporation, and utilization of patient information. We are the premiere physician-to-physician, Electronic Health Record (EHR) consulting firm with a perfect track record for increasing the efficiency and efficacy for physicians in their respective EHR.

Our greatest impact, to date, is providing unparalleled EHR support at the inception of a new hospital system. From the very beginning we guide providers through their EHR in a meaningful way. Our model of provider-to-provider support gives our consultants the unique ability to translate a physician’s dynamic workflow efficiency into their EHR.

All too often we read and hear about physicians retiring after the implementation of an EHR. The new technology is often seen as an additional barrier to providing care. Even impacting patient safety. The additional time to navigate the chart, with no decrease in patient volume has negatively impacted physician well-being on the macro level. Termed “physician burn-out,” MDL is uniquely positioned to help reduce both this phenomenon and improve patient safety. MDL helps health care systems and physician groups appropriately manage their EHR implementation, training, and support. Our physician-centric model has led to our 100% success rate at over 50 go-lives around the country.

Over the past year, we have created a new, on-demand, support service for our clients. We call it PhysicianLounge. This service uses our same resources and model, but support is done remotely. This makes our deep resource pool just a click away from any hospital system or physician in need of EHR assistance. This service is cost-effective and is used for new-hire training, go-lives, and system optimization.

In the end, our goal as a company is simple. Help physicians. By helping the physician, we are indirectly impacting the health care system, and most importantly improving patient care. This, in its entirety is the MedDocLive way. 

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