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Step by step guide for Hospital to enroll COVID19 patient to Add and Review Body Temperature and Oxygen:

  • Enroll the patient through the website from the given link:https://www.spacinternational.com/sign-up-patient.php and submit the form as required.
  • Please include the contact number, email, and doctor’s name in the form and in the signature box put in COVID-19 and your phone number who is signing up the patient.
  • Then press submit, this will send an email of the consent form and login information for the patient portal with a temporary password. Patients need to enter the new password in the right format.
  • Please let the patient know that their doctor would like to do real-time remote monitoring of their Symptoms, Oxygen levels, and body temperature. Please call 844-926-2273 or COVID Care Hotline at the hospital or care facility to update your information if they do not have a computer or smartphone. If the oxygen level is below 92 please call your doctor or go to the emergency room.
  • State advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring.
  1. Proactive care with concierge service.
  2. Realtime monitoring of daily activities
  3. Self-monitoring for patients for their own health data via our portals.
  4. Constant digital connectivity

Once the patient is enrolled and consent is taken, the patient can start capturing and recording data for Temperature and Oxygen in SPAC portal.  Please call our staff if any questions.

  1. The oxygen tab will show values in % for blood oxygen levels.

The list shows date and timewise value. One can study the data and analyse on patient’s health if improving or need attention.

  • To add “Oxygen” value, click on the “Add” tab as shown in the image above, it will open a dialog box to fill in details by selecting Date, Time, and putting the value of Oxygen reading. And one needs to click “Save” to record data. 

2. Temperature tab has the option to add the patient’s body temperature which will reflect in Fahrenheit.

There is an option to “add” data remotely from your home. The date and timewise different data on temperature will help one to study the patient’s body temperature and further action can be taken.


To “Add” Temperature for any patient, one can click on the “Temperature “and Select the “Add” tab.


The dialog box will pop up to fill in the record to save.

The Details on Data, time to be filled in by capturing the Temperature noted at the given time and if needed, notes can be added and record can be saved by clicking the “Save” tab.