Engaging Women of Color as Participants in Clinical Research and Evidence Development

Created by 
American Medical Association (AMA)

In collaboration with MedTech Color, the American Medical Association’s Physician Innovation Network (PIN) is exploring how women have historically been underrepresented in clinical research and asks leading experts how might the industry improve our thinking about evidence and technology, remove the barriers that prevent women of color from participating in clinical trials, and support the innovations that provide female founders with the resources and funding to make more solutions available for women’s health.  

Health care technology has grown through the work of many women – physicians, innovation leaders, care-givers, and entrepreneurs who are bringing better solutions to market. PIN and MedTech Color would like to recognize leading women who are acutely aware of the barriers in access to evidence development and who have developed ideas and solutions for addressing these problems.  

We’ll open the discussion on April 14th for one hour to allow the PIN and MedTech Color communities ask these industry experts for their perspectives and advise as we collectively seek to bring better solutions to market.  

We are fortunate to have access to groundbreaking leaders in the medtech field, and I’m excited to see where the discussion takes us.

MedTech Color is an organization focusing on the advancement of people of color in MedTech. MedTech Color has convened this Collaborative Community to create a forum where medtech professionals and other stakeholders can address minority health issues in medical device product development and clinical research. We develop strategies, resources, best practices and thought leadership to increase awareness and mitigate the impacts of unconscious bias, social determinants of health and lack of inclusion or consideration of racial and ethnic minorities in critical aspects of the product development lifecycle. Thank you to the Evidence Development Subcommittee for helping to produce this discussion.

Tracy Dooley
Maya Hardigan
Charisse Sparks
Jamie White