Women in Medicine

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American Medical Association (AMA)
Women in Medicine

The American Medical Association celebrates Women in Medicine every September, and the AMA Innovation Network has grown through the work of many women – physicians, business liaisons, and entrepreneurs who are realizing the vision of improved patient care.  

We’ll open the discussion on September 7th with the entrepreneurs by asking these leading ladies about the healthcare problems they are bound and determined to disrupt, and how might we support them.  

Then on September 13th, we’ll shift the discussion to discuss culturally competent care for traditionally marginalized and minoritized patients by asking what does whole-person care look like for female patients, and for female physicians? 

On September 20th, the discussion will turn toward the practice innovations and policy changes that female physicians are leading within their health systems and private practices in order to create a more equitable workforce, and we will conclude the discussion on September 24th. 

Sophia Khan
Sam Stavig
Laura Fritsche
Moira Kyweluk
Samantha Nava
Sumun Khetpal