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    • Emergency Medicine
    • Health information technology
    • Medical Ethics
    • Emergency Medicine
    • resuscitation
    • Sports Medicine
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • health advocacy and policy
    PGY 3 Emergency Medicine Resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York
    PGY 3 Emergency Medicine Resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

    Former Government Relations Advocacy Fellow and Council on Legislation member for the American Medical Association (AMA) with a focus on digital health legislation 

    Former Health Policy Fellow for the Emergency Medicine Resident Association and board member of the National Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee

    Have worked with idustry and organized medicine to create policy on artificial intelligence and currently conducting research in the feild

    Current chair of the Committee on Business and Economics for the Resident Fellows Section of the AMA

    Currently on the Physician Innovation Network Advisory Board

    • Health Disparities
    • Medical Innovation
    • Patient Engagement and Digital Health
    Bringing public health perspectives to innovation and innovation to public health
    Bringing public health perspectives to innovation and innovation to public health

    I have a 30+ year career focused on emerging public health crises from COVID-19 to childhood obesity and HIV.  Understanding social determinants of health and addressing health disparities are in my DNA.  Through the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, where I am a Senior Fellow, I focus on identifying and addressing patient barriers to use of digital health tools such as telehealth and patient portals.  Through Public Health Innovators, LLC, I bring public health perspectives to health innovation, and innovation to public health processes.  I created DESCAR, the Digital Equipment, Skills and Connectivity Assessment and Referral tool for health systems to facilitate patient access to telehealth and digital medicine.  As a member of the NODE.Health Executive Board, I encourage consideration of disadvantaged patients' needs with regard to digital medicine.  At Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, I direct the Urban Health Initiative and co-developed a virtual reality training application to improve care and empathy around the social determinants of health:

    I worked at NIAID/NIH in Epidemiology, Prevention and Vaccine Trials in the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic, developing considerable insight into the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 epidemic.  

    • Digital health
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Finance
    • Healthcare administration
    • Healthcare operations
    Digital Health Strategy at the AMA
    Digital Health Strategy at the AMA

    Stacy is the Director of Digital Health and Operations at the American Medical Association.

    Prior to joining the American Medical Association, Stacy was the Senior Practice Manager for Department of Orthopaedics at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.  During her time as a practice manager, she helped lead the department’s move into a new physical location, which included strategically defining workflows and clinic set-up to provide a more efficient patient throughput.  She also supported various clinics with the implementation of EPIC and worked on numerous process improvement initiatives aimed at improving practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

    Prior to her practice management role, Stacy held various positions in Finance at NorthShore University HealthSystem and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  During her time at UPMC, she completed the Financial Management Rotation Program, a two year leadership development program for new graduates.

    Stacy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Economics from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. She earned her Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    • Digital health
    Digital health research, strategy and content
    Digital health research, strategy and content

    Anna is the Program Manager of NODE.Health

  • Sarah has spent her professional career developing digital medicine solutions. In addition to her clinical training, Sarah has held a variety of product-focused positions, focused on developing provider-facing tools that operationalize medical data, across the healthcare technology ecosystem, at companies including  McKessonZephyr Health, Bayesian Health, and currently AliveCor, where she is a senior clinical product manager. Sarah is most passionate about innovative care models that empower patients, and their physicians, to address health from an integrative approach. Along with her product experience, Sarah brings expertise in designing, and delivering, wellness programs to patients at a hybrid fitness/medical center, LA Palestra. She was also an Insite Fellow, Rock Health Fellow, and venture associate at Grand Central Tech. She serves on on the executive board of NODE Health, a consortium of 20+ hospital systems that serves as a home for digital medicine evidence, the physicians advisory board of Lightning Bolt Solutions, and the steering committee for NYU Langone's Health Tech Symposium. Sarah received her B.A. in Human Biology from Brown University and her MD MBA from NYU.

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