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Self-measured Blood Pressure


SMBP Projects

For decades, the American Medical Association has generated research, policy and advocacy to advance the art and science of medicine and improve public health. In recent years, tackling chronic disease and improving physician satisfaction have been specific focus areas for AMA. To identify and reduce uncontrolled blood pressure, AMA partners with the American Heart Association (AHA) on Target:BP™. Target:BP aims to reduce the number of Americans who have heart attacks and strokes by urging health systems and patients to prioritize blood pressure control and self-measured blood pressure (SMBP). Through its Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI), AMA also develops data standards and software to enable more accurate and complete blood pressure monitoring without adding to physician burden. 

  1. SMBP Data Standards

To support Target:BP’s objectives and enable complete capture of clinically relevant data when measuring blood pressure at home, IHMI developed FHIR® resources and profiles for SMBP.

IHMI is collaborating with Logica and Intermountain Healthcare to merge our SMBP profiles with their Vital Signs IG. We’ll test the Vital Signs IG at the HL7 Connectathon in San Antonio, May 2020 and put it to ballot September 2020.

Review the Vitals Signs IG here. Innovative EHRs, providers and remote monitoring systems who are interested in SMBP Connectathons can contact us here.

  1. SMBP Software Application

To support implementation of SMBP programs, IHMI developed a software application to collect, analyze and document SMBP readings. IHMI’s SMBP solution integrates with existing EHRs and workflows to facilitate development and implementation of enterprise programs for SMBP management, starting with program definition, population identification and enrollment. SMBP programs benefit providers by improving the accuracy of hypertension diagnoses and better managing patient blood pressure. Patients benefit from improved adherence to treatment plans and better outcomes.

IHMI’s SMBP EHR app builds on work that has been done across AMA and our partners to develop guidelines, standards and policy that improve patient-generated blood pressure readings and reduce hypertension. The SMBP app supports AMA objectives of achieving better outcomes for hypertensive patients, increasing physician satisfaction and operating an innovation ecosystem. The SMBP app leverages AMA innovations like IHMI SMBP FHIR profiles, the upcoming Validated Device Listing (VDL), new SMBP remote monitoring CPT® coding rules, and utilizes the SMART® on FHIR® platform.

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