Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) Collaborative Hub

About IHMI

At the intersection of health care, technology and data science, you’ll find IHMI. By enabling, creating and applying common standards, our mission is to build and support thriving, open health care communities, respond to market needs with digital tools at the pace of innovation, and share our learnings as freely available data portability standards.

A data-driven problem

There is a massive volume of newly generated health data forthcoming via the internet of things (IoT) explosion, presenting a need to normalize, aggregate and join specific data elements across disparate sources to better manage population health.

Focus on data portability

To solve health care interoperability, two fundamental challenges exist: data liquidity and data portability.

1. Data Liquidity – tackling in collaboration with HL7® FHIR®

  • The unlocking of data from walled gardens – either by moving physically or through remote access.
  • Does not ensure consistent meaning or the ability to aggregate, compare and fuel analytics needed to better understand population health and manage risk.

2. Data Portability – aiming to bring consistency, clinical prioritization and validation to FHIR® standard development

  • Becomes first order problem once liquidity is established.
  • Ensures data can be interpreted, aggregated and leveraged for routine care, population health and risk management. Inherent in this definition is the appropriateness of the content to specific use cases.
  • IHMI clinical and informatics experts develop FHIR® models to empower data aggregation and fuel analytics and real-world research.

Through collaboration with HL7® FHIR®, IHMI is addressing liquidity challenges. IHMI will focus on developing FHIR® solutions that advance data portability across key clinical domains.

Digital tools to drive adoption

Standards and policy can’t solve data portability problems alone. IHMI is building SMART® on FHIR® apps and other data products to increase adoption of standards and improve access to clinically valid data. 

Why the American Medical Association?

The AMA has the unique ability to convene medicine and technology around market-driven solutions that are meaningful to clinical practice. We represent the interests of patients and physicians across the house of medicine, serve as an honest broker and leverage our proven track record as an organization with stamina and sustainable leadership.

Our Projects

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